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Foto: Unsplash.com - Corona virus

Our measures are:

  • Focus on personal hygiene, soap, water, disinfectants, cough / sneeze methods
  • We don’t handshake
  • Disinfection of all surfaces we are in contact with twice a day, such as door handles, table surfaces etc
  • Disinfection of cars before use
  • The workshop building and adm are closed to visitors, only employees have access.
  • It is opened to service personnel from outside by special assignments inside the building
  • The use of face masks in operations where we work closely with others
  • Maintain spacing of mint 1 m to other people
  • Travel assignments are considered separately
  • Employees who do not feel well for unknown reasons are sent in quarantine
  • Employees are instructed not to seek out larger gatherings of people in their spare time
  • Information from customers and suppliers in our measures

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