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Certifications and approvals

  • NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management systems)
  • NS-EN ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental management systems)
  • NS-EN ISO 3834-2 (Quality requirements for fusion welding)
  • NS-EN 1090-1/2/3 (CE marking of steel and aluminium for construction, up to EXC4)
  • WA-S-006:2020 Norsok (HMS)
  • Centrally approved company, level 2 (Norwegian Building Authority)
  • Approved workshop (Norwegian Maritime Authority)

Quality levels

Our quality management system is divided into the following three levels when it comes to documentation requirements:

  1. Documentation of all internal processes, use of certified personnel, quality control (non-destructive testing), material certificates and approved work procedures, checklists and reports
  2. Minimum documentation, possibly material certificate and certified personnel, on request from the client
  3. No documentation, suitable personnel, standard materials

Environmental policy

  • We shall be an environmentally aware company that safeguards and prevents contaminating the exterior environment in the best manner possible.
  • Everyone in our company is obliged to follow the current regulations and focus on continual improvement of the environmental system.
  • We shall improve our processes annually, so we reduce the impact on the exterior environment.

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